Husband. Father. Son. Brother. Cousin. Uncle. Friend. Neighbor. Teacher. Coach. Photographer. Of all of my roles, the least important is photographer, yet, I love that role too!  
My background in photography began from being a teacher in a high school where no one wanted to take over the yearbook staff.  The principal asked me if I would take over, despite not being an English teacher or having any real journalism or photography experience.  I agreed to take on the challenge and quickly learned about writing, layouts, deadlines, and especially photography.  At first, taking pictures for the yearbook and teaching students how to was a job, but it soon became a passion! 
Townsend Photography was started because people would see me with a camera at different school events and assumed I was a photographer!  I was getting asked to take pictures for families and weddings, and even though I warned everyone that I wasn't "a professional" photographer, that seemed of no concern.  People simply wanted something good and affordable, so my goal was to provide just that - quality yet affordable photography - because, let's be honest, professional photography isn't cheap!  I named my new business "Now & Then Photography" because I literally only worked every now and then, and that continued off and on from 2005-2011.   
After we had our third child in 2012, I decided to focus a little more on my business and rebranded myself as "Townsend Photography."  Because of the roles listed in the first paragraph, especially husband, father, and teacher, I still only work "every now and then." However, my passion for photography continues to grow and my second career is counting the days till I retire from teaching so I can pursue photography full time!  
So that's my story and I'm sticking to it, though the story continues to evolve each day, month, and year.  I am available, on a somewhat limited basis, for weddings, high school seniors, families, sports, and other events!  If you have any questions or think I can meet your photography needs, let's talk!  You can reach me at (270)307-8593 or by email:  [email protected].
Hope to see you "through the lens!"